Price Guide

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Dry Clean


Pant Suit 2pc $8.98



Pants/Slacks $4.49


Blouse/Tops $4.49


Golf/Polo Shirt $4.49


Sweater $4.49 (waist length)


Skirt Reg. $4.49


Blazer/Jacket $4.49


Dress (long or short) $7.95


Formal Dress starting at $12.00


Wedding Dress $120.00


Saari $15.00 and up




Laundry Buss. Shirt $2.79

(any starch) 


Laundry Blouse $2.79


Folded Shirt  $3.29


Fluff and Fold $2.50 per pound



Comforters $35.00


Light Blankets $15.00


Sheepskin Rug Starting at $15.00


Sheets $7.00


Pillow case $3.25


Tablecloths starting at $6.00 and up


Expert Alterations available, please contact store for pricing and seamstress hours.





*Prices subject to change without notice*

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